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Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Defense of Cosmological Atheology

By L.A. Mitchell

I: Introduction

”The beginning is the end
Keeps coming round again”
- How To Destroy Angels, ”The Loop Closes”

I recently published an article called “General relativity entails that the universe has no external cause”. It is necessary to read this article in order to understand the arguments being made (a link will be provided in the reference page for this purpose). [1] The Christian apologist Miles Donahue has responded to this argument on his website [2], and I seek to offer a defense of my ”cosmological atheology” in this paper.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

General Relativity Proves What, You Say?: A Response to L. A. Mitchell

By Miles Donahue

I. Introduction

Mr. L. A. Mitchell has recently argued [1] that Einstein’s theory of General Relativity proves that the universe has no external cause, and by extension, that God does not exist. In my response, I will first define key terms used in the argument, boil the argument down to its essentials and address what Mitchell’s argument actually proves, and finally, provide a substantial criticism of that argument. I will not try to show that God exists or even formulate an argument for the existence of God. Because Mitchell’s contention is that General Relativity disproves the existence of God, he has the burden of proof to maintain that contention; I have no contentions to defend.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

General Relativity Entails that the Universe has No External Cause

By L.A. Mitchell

I: Introduction

The expansion of the universe, and thus the basis of the Big Bang theory, is inferred based on equations derived from the theory of relativity. The theist who uses Big Bang cosmology to argue for the existence of god must accept these equations. Are these equations consistent with the arguments used by theists? In this paper, I will demonstrate that Big Bang cosmology actually contradicts the existence of god. Many of these arguments will be based on my previous essay titled “God and Physics: Why general relativity disproves god”. This paper will serve as a better argued and more concise alternative to the last paper.

Plan of Action

My friend and I have very different views on the world and, hopefully, this blog will get to the heart of that disagreement, as we discuss our differences and exchange criticisms. He is an atheist, I am I theist; I believe in God, he does not. I think we're both intelligent, rational individuals, and it's my hope that by discussing why we hold the views that we do, we can both learn something, and perhaps even change our own view. Our dialogue will basically take the form of an informal debate, more akin to how discussions take place in philosophy journals. For example, my friend will post an argument against the existence of God on his website (I will reproduce it here on this website), and then I'll write a response here. We'll go back and forth like this until one of us gets tired and wants to move on to another subject.

I think this experience will teach both of us, and perhaps you, many things about respecting those who think differently than you, and how to communicate and dialogue with others. Within the next few weeks, I will be writing a response to a recent article my friend has written giving an argument against the existence of God based on general relativity. I will reproduce the article here shortly.

Here we go!